Microphone for stage WT10A

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    • Style:Gooseneck Microphone
    • Type:Wired
    • Use:Computer Microphone

    Key Features

    StageMike WT10A

    Wireless Vocal Microphone


    Digitalized 2.4GHz Vocal Microphone

    High Quality and Clear Sound

    Non-Compression Signal

    Automatic Pairing of Frequency

    CD-Quality Sampling Rate

    Interference Free


    The StageMike is a professional vocal microphone using a digitalized 2.4GHz band. After plugging the receiver into the sound equipment, the microphone can be used. Utilizing the automatic frequency-hopping technology, makes the StageMike a plug-n-play and easily operable device with no further adjustments needed. With its non-compression signal, high quality audio, receiving stability, and long-lasting battery, StageMike is excellent for lecturing, performances, and more.

    Professional Reliability

    Innovative engineering has embedded the WT10A handheld microphone with a state-of-the-art frequency response, a first-rate high gain volume, and exceptional hi-fidelity. These dynamic qualities will ensure optimal clarity throughout entire performances, guaranteeing to project even the highest of notes without any distortion.

    Exceptional Sound 

    Our engineers have created an audio transmission quality at a 48KHz/24-bit sampling rate. This is even much higher than CD quality. The output of this wireless StageMike retains its high fidelity, delivering your best performance, whether it’s for an audience or yourself!  


    Also, the highly sensitive dynamic microphone allows you to efficiently reach the ears of thousands with your voice. The robust, high-performing StageMike WT20A guarantees you'll be clearly audible to students at the back of the class, fans high up in the cheap seats, or voters still on the fence. Furthermore, the widely dynamic range will never limit your singing with the highest tone any more.

    An exclusive filtering feature dramatically reduces unwanted noise, giving your audience clear sound that's free from distortion or feedback.

    Ditch that Interference

    In scenarios heavily populated with 2.4GHz devices, your basic third party wireless system would struggle in a sea of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G smartphone signals. That's where Brio's leading-edge tech innovations come in. Signal modulation and channel partition, combined with frequency-hopping technology eliminates annoying interference from 2.4GHz sources. Consequently, as many as ten StageMikes can be used in the same venue without any disruptions. 

    Automatic Frequency Pairing

    The W200 StageMike stands head and shoulders above competitors in its microphone frequency response, thanks to its cutting-edge frequency-hopping technology. Unlike fixed frequency devices like VHF, UHF or most of 2.4GHz microphones that require manual frequency channel adjustment to combat interference, StageMike's brilliant, adaptive frequency-hopping technology automatically locks on to clean frequencies without the need for endless fiddling.

    Cut Loose on a License-Free Band

    All brio W200 products function on a license-free 2.4GHz band. Our proprietary algorithms and exclusive signal modulation technology carries up to 5Mbps of data. This is vastly superior to any other wireless transmitter on the market, producing the highest highs and sonorous lows for deeply textured, distortion-free notes. 

    Traveling Case

    In addition to your mobility on stage, the portable travelling case included with each microphone will make your movements off stage just as pliable as they are on.

    Q: What's the best price you offer?
    A: Please send email to albert@briosound.com for updated best offer.
    Q: What’s your payment terms?
    A: 50% down payment, 50% balance before shipment. T/T
    Q: One-stop Service:
    Q: How to contact with you?
    A: email albert@briosound.com or reach me by Skype (ID: albertlin777)
    Q: How long is the lead time?
    A: Normally 8-12 weeks.
    Q . What is the payment method you accept?
    A: T/T.

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