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electrical grounding

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    electrical grounding Mighty 320A for smart phones, tablet PCs, laptop users tailored All-in-one all-round entertainment PA system. He is not only K song machine, is a high-quality Bluetooth sound, is the speaker loudspeaker, is the instrument playing the loudspeaker, is also home large TV sound amplification! Portable design: separate two-channel design, home The host is connected to the secondary unit and provides stereo stereo sound. Go out just to carry a single host can be. The host weighs only 2.7kg, carrying light and convenient, comes with exquisite leather. Party action KTV preferred special models love to sing, play Party, the beautiful system PartyPro let you sing like a big star! 12 full range of the key to move the key to adjust the 8 kinds of ECHO echo reverb sound field mode