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Wisdom Action KTV

Mobile entertainment equipment for smart phones, tablet users tailored, with KTV singing function, Bluetooth sound is full of sound

Portable PA & Karaoke System

The PartyPro 320A is the most customizable and convenient karaoke entertainment accessory specialized for smartphones and tablets. Other than its karaoke capabilities, it’s also a high quality Bluetooth speaker, Instruments’ Performance Speaker, and PA System. A Must-Have for Outgoing Karaoke Lo

recording microphone

Microphone built-in bandwidth management circuit sound full of bright and bright so that you easily soared treble and have a feedback suppression circuit to reduce the microphone back to the whistle of the interference

About Us

Inside brio the technology is sustained by the mastery of the personnel.

In combination with the most advanced product technologies, indeed, a highly qualified team constructs and controls every component of our products. The arrivals on the market are programmed in the shortest possible time and all the products technologically “high end” are rigorously projected, ideated, and finalized in Taiwan. In the Pro-Audio Department every circuit boards, capsules, drivers and more are constructed with astonishing attention to detail, to ensure the maximum results.

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